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Budhhist Quotes Part1

September 2, 2011

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I’ve often stumbled across a few quotes that arose from Buddha, himself, but just as often from those who followed in his footsteps.  Most, when I first read them had meanings to me that have been lost in time and an increasingly faulty memory but they still ring true when I come across them again a second or even third time.  Each time, it seems, the words bring new pictures to mind and lead me and my wandering mind in fresh directions.  I decided to simply share of few with of those and not distract your own mental journeys by describing mine.  You can simply wander off into the worlds they take you to.

One doesn’t take a journey into the Himalayas without a guide who knows the ancient paths  – Jack Kornfield

Life  is fragile, like the dew hanging delicately on the grass, Crystal drops that will be carried away on the first morning breeze. – Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoch

Let us try to recognize the precious nature of each day. – The 14th Dalai Lama

Impermanence is a principle of harmony.  when we don’t struggle against ii, we are in harmony with reality. – Pema Codron

Suzuki Roshi summed up all he knowledge of Buddhism in three simple words: “Not Always So.

To take for permanent,

That which is only transitory,

Is like the delusion of a madman.  – Kula Rinpoche

Just as a traveler on journey takes lodging, a being who travels the cycle of existence takes lodging in a rebirth. – Shantidera

This tool, our body, is given to us for only a short time: this life. – Dilgo Khyentse Poche

Letting go is a central theme in spiritual practices,

as we see preciousness and brevity of life – Jack Kornfield

I know there are hundreds more of these words of simple but eternal wisdom to share but it gets very late and my fingers are not obeying my brain anymore.  They add letters where they make no sense and subtract where they change the meaning entirely.  It is time for rest.  I wish you all happiness with these two thoughts –

Those who want the fewest things are nearest to the gods.

Greed Is An Imperfection That Defiles The Mind

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